Thursday, 19 January 2012

343i Weekly Halo Bulletin

This week’s Halo bulletin focuses on everyone’s favourite sociopathic Forerunner AI construct – 343 Guilty Spark.

There’s a lengthy interview with Tim Dadabo, the voice of Guilty Spark, as well as a 25 minute preview of the Halo Primordium audiobook read by Dadabo himself.

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A couple of my favourite questions:

Out of all the lines you’ve read over the years, which ones are your favorites?"Calamity!" and "Save his head, dispose of the rest."

Tell me what excites you the most about the future of Halo.The fact that its future is infinite. The storyline can go anywhere. Hopefully, someday, to the BIG SCREEN. Hello? Peter Jackson, Steve Spielberg.... you out there?

Read the rest of the interview over on 

There’s also this awesome video of Tim Dadabo and Pete Stacker (voice of Capt. Keyes) from back at HaloFest: 

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