Thursday, 26 January 2012

Halo Anniversary Figures Wave 2 from McFarlane

These had been talked about previously and have been up for pre-order at for a while, but today is the first time we've seen pics. It's an interesting set of figures for sure, with the long awaited miniature plastic arrival of Jacob Keyes and Guilty Spark of particular interest.

A very young looking Capt. Jacob Keyes is my personal favourite from this series. 

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Revealed today over at Halo.Xbox.Com the set is 5 single figures and one triple pack.

ODST's Mickey makes his debut to the McFarlane series.

Like Keyes, Guilty Spark has been woefully under-represented in toy form - not any more!

In an interesting twist this is Master Chief as he appears in 'The Package' from Halo Legends - nice!  

Slightly disappointing - looks like it's just a white Spartan in Mjolnir VI

Halo Wars' omega team, cool!

Like in the last series of Anniversary figures we have a crest jigsaw, this time the UNSC logo. 
A really cool series of figures, only disappointment being the white spartan, I was hoping we might see a Pvt. Jenkins as one of the Anniversary figures, there's no news of another series after this one so I guess we'll never see one now. Really looking forward to getting Keyes and Spark though.

- Cowboy Out.

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