Friday, 20 January 2012

McFarlane to produce Halo Avatar figures

Well, after my faux-shock over McFarlane's announcement this morning, this one genuinely did take me by surprise. In a weird combination of my two previous news posts McFarlane have announced a range of small (2.5") collectible figures which feature interchangeable parts so you can craft your own personal avatar. No UK price yet, but they're $3 across the pond so expect to pay £2-3 over here. 

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Whilst there will be a range of generic avatars, I'm sure anyone reading this will be far more interested in the Halo specific figures, which we're told will feature custom Halo packaging that can also forms a display base for your avatar once opened. 

Todd McFarlane speaking to BS Angel on

"Rather than make up our own style of mini-figure, we decided to take advantage of the style that Xbox LIVE has established with their avatars. Since each avatar represents an individual gamer, players have a strong personal connection to their avatars. When you choose a Halo Spartan helmet for your avatar, that helmet becomes more than just a piece of some fictional character's clothing—it becomes part of your online persona. Avatars have become the mascot of the Xbox brand. To represent the customization options available for online avatars, McFarlane Toys' avatar figures feature interchangeable heads, torsos, and legs. Collectors can mix and match pieces to create their own custom avatar figures, much like they can with their online avatars. In addition to human characters and apparel, Halo Avatars also include various "prop" items such as Warthogs and Banshees.

Hitting shelves later this year around the same time as Halo 4, series 1 of the Halo figures has 8 figures:
• Master Chief
• Carter
• Flaming ODST Helmet and ODST T-Shirt
• Green Operator Helmet and Reach T-Shirt
• Elite Costume
• Warthog
• Metallic Gold Master Chief

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