Friday, 20 January 2012

New Avatar Items on Marketplace Now!

The avatar marketplace was today updated with new Halo themed goodies. There's a sexy looking Cortana statue at 320points, it's for lady avatars only though which is a little disappointing.. I'm sure it wouldn't have suited me anyway.. 

Also added today at 240points was my favourite of all the Halcyon class cruisers - The Pillar of Autumn.
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Doesn't do a great deal - orbits your avatar's head a few times before using it as a gravity well to slingshot itself into slipspace. Nice to see it though, I don't think we see enough of The Autumn in merchandise form, I did see a model pop up for pre-order a couple of months back, but it seems to have vanished from all online stores now, I assume it's been cancelled. :( 

I'm afraid we'll have to settle for the stock image of the Cortana suit as it won't let my hunky male avtatar wear it. 

All can be purchased now through the Xbox Marketplace or over at

- Cowboy Out. 

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