Friday, 20 January 2012

*SHOCK NEWS* McFarlane to continue making Halo figures

McFarlane Toys and 343 Industries today announced that they will be continuing their line of Halo action figures into 2013.

In a double announcement over on McFarlane confirmed that they will be making toys for Halo 4 and Halo Universe.

Take the jump for more info:

Halo 4 figures launching from August 2012

Carded Figures
• Master Chief • Secret Figure 1 • Secret Figure 2 • Secret Figure 3

Boxed Figure

• Frozen Master Chief and Cryotube

Halo 4 figures launching November 2012:

Carded Figures

• Cortana • Secret Figure 4 • Secret Figure 5 • Secret Figure 6

Boxed Figure

• Secret Boxed Figure 1

Halo Universe figures launching October 2012:
• Frederic-104 (Halo Legends)
• Romeo (Halo 3: ODST)
• Elite Commando (Halo 3)
• Brute Captain Major (Halo 3)
• Spartan (Multiplayer)
• ODST Drop Pod
Also announced was the new Micro Ops range, while no images were shown it is suggested that they will be small figures covering all the vehicles and characters in the Halo universe. Announced so far 

Small Carded Sets
• Warthog and Mongoose
• Banshee
• Ghost vs. Wolf Spider turret
• ODST Drop Pods

Large Carded Sets
• Falcon
• High Ground Bunker with Shade turret

Small Boxed Sets
• High Ground Gate with Warthog
• High Ground Tower and SAM Launcher

Halo Micro Ops debuts in August 2012 and continues into 2013

There's no major surprises here with most of the Halo 4 figures staying under wraps. I'm looking forward to getting the Fred and Romeo figures along with the Drop Pod. Really interesting to see High Ground mentioned, hopefully this means it'll be returning as a map in Halo 4.

I'll do specific product reviews on all of these figures as they're released so sit tight 

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