Tuesday, 28 February 2012

10th Anniversary Xbox Bundle Hits Europe Next Week

I had wondered if Microsoft would elect to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Xbox in Europe. It was getting closer and closer to the date (14th March) and I'd resigned to the fact we'd probably have to make do with a celebratory Tweet from AceyBongos or something. I've planned to host a party of my own, to relive those first tentative steps out on to the Halo ring 10 years on. Get some buddies round and play Halo CE over system link, just like in the olden days..

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Well, we now have news that Microsoft are indeed planning to "celebrate" the anniversary of Xbox in Europe by releasing a limited edition console bundle. €280 (presumably £250) gets you a black 250GB Xbox 360s, two controllers, Halo Anniversary and digital editions of Reach, GoW2 and Fable3. It's a good bundle and a good price, but it still feels like a fairly poor effort on Microsoft's part; there's no 10th Anniversary decal, no special design for the controllers or console, the only indicator that this is in any way special is a splash banner saying10th Anniversary on the box.

Personally I'd have liked to see them release The Duke as an official 360 pad, when they had some custom pads made for HaloFest I suspected we may eventually see them make an official appearance at retail, but as more time passes it's looking less and less likely.

The thing about doing a console bundle is that it doesn't really appeal to those who actually care that the Xbox is 10 years old, as those people will already have an Xbox 360. Had Microsoft given it an exclusive decal or embossed logo or something I'd probably have bought one, but there's no justification for me to pick up a console and 4 games I already have to "celebrate" Xbox's 10th anniversary. A special edition controller or headset on the other hand would have been something that any fan could justify purchasing.

As I said, the bundle is fine in and of itself, but as an item for fans to celebrate 10 years of their favourite console it's a pretty poor show by Microsoft.

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