Sunday, 12 February 2012

NEWS - McFarlane Reveal Halo 4 Figures

Revealed today at the New York Toy Fair and over at are McFarlane's new range of Halo 4 figures. There's no spoilers assuming you've seen the announce trailer.

Take the jump for more:

Pick of the bunch has to be Master Chief in Cryo Pod from the Halo4 announce trailer. I love this line from the press release:

 "The Master Chief figure in this set features a light coating of frost and ice crystals; remnants of his hibernation between games."
Epic attention to detail!

Also shown off were some figures dubbed "Halo Universe Range", these figures span various nondescript areas of time and space within the Halo universe. I suspect this may be because they don't yet want to confirm Elites, ODSTs etc. to be appearing in Halo 4.

Finally we have the new Halo Universe Micro range, a new line of mini figures "at pocket money prices" spanning all areas of the Halo universe I expect these will be the first in a very long range of mini toys. 

The quality on both the Ghost and 'Hog leaves a little to be desired, hopefully the final models will be better than these prototypes. They look to be worse than the ActionClix vehicles..

 These all look quite a bit better, and the Highground ones in particular look like they'll be nice for putting together dioramas. Hopefully the Ghost and Warthog will just be early prototype models. 

Expect full reviews on all of these when they launch later this year. 

- Cowboy Out. 

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