Thursday, 16 February 2012

NEWS - New Halo Avatar Items!

Hitting the Xbox Live Marketplace today is some swanky new gear for your Avatar.

At 240 Microsoft Points is the Brute Stalker helmet pictured below:

Take the jump for more:
It's pretty cool, but for the money I'd struggle to recommend it over some of the other, more iconic helmets available on the market place. It doesn't have any bespoke animations or anything.

Also out today is the Needler Avatar prop at 320 Microsoft Points.
This is pretty cool, has a few nice animations as your avatar inspects it and then sprays a few bursts of explosive pink love around the screen. I suppose this suffers a similar problem to the Brute helmet in that for the same price there are better props; the Pillar of Autumn, Cortana or Guilty Spark etc. all have a bit more to them as props. Still, if you're hungry for a change then I guess you you could do worse than pick this up. 

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