Monday, 13 February 2012

NEWS - Toy Fair Image Blow-Out! Halo 4 and Universe

Also hitting the net today are the first non-promo shots of the McFarlane's new line of Halo 4 toys.

Take the jump for more.

Master Chief and Cryo Pod deluxe figure:

 Master Chief figure:

 Now it all gets a bit cloak and dagger, so feel free to speculate as to what these could be:


Bornstellar? The Didact? Cortana? Mendez? Lucy? Fred? Naomi? Saren?

The possibilities are endless, hopefully we'll have a better idea on the 29th.

These Halo Anniversary series 2 figures have been known about for a while, but it's nice to see real, non-promo shots of them.

First toy appearance of 343GS?

I love you Keyes, but your transition to toy form is less than flattering. 

These will be out in the next month or so, expect an in-depth review shortly. 

Releasing in autumn this year is McFarlane's range of "Halo Universe" figures, I expect this'll be the last series we get before Halo 4's release.

As always, check back for an in depth review when the figures are released.

- Cowboy Out.

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