Friday, 2 March 2012

First Halo 4 GUI Shots

UPDATE: Frankie appears to be mocking the quality of these shots over on NeoGaf, albeit in a fairly abstract way. Assuming that if they were real he'd make no comment, I'm tempted to lob these on the fake pile. I'll leave them up in case anyone wants to take a look, but take them with a generous pinch of salt.

Original Story:
Images have surfaced which look to be from the frontend of Halo 4 shown at Microsoft's Spring Showcase yesterday.

The phone camera image quality does lend them credence, but there isn't really anything exciting we can glean from these.

Take a look, drop a comment if I've missed anything.

I'm pretty sure the first image was from the concept art reel from HaloFest.

Original source:

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