Monday, 5 March 2012

The Halo 4 Chief - Analysis

Well now that we have two up close shots of the Chief it's time to dissect them with a frightening level of attention to detail..

First of all we have what has to be a new version of the BR, it's more detailed than the Halo 3 weapon, but has the same form factor:

Computron on NeoGaf tweaked the levels in 'Shop and revealed the blurry designation of "BR55HB" compared the the Halo3 designation of "BR55SB" - This will be to explain any small functionality tweaks 343i have had to make.

Dem Gloves:

Halo 4(top) Halo 3(bottom)
When compared to the Halo3 gloves you can see that they're definitely different gloves, with green armour plates covering the individual finger bones. The really interesting thing is the index finger though:

We can only speculate as to what that is, but it looks like some sort of interfacing tech.. or perhaps a shield deployer like Jackals have.. any other ideas? The fact that it's different from the other fingers suggests it's not a style choice, at least.

I'm struggling to think how the new forearms could be functionally different to the old ones, but they look very different.  They're more bulky and angular than the Halo 3 forarms, it's unlikely, but perhaps they house some new tech? What could those little triangular ridges be? Switches for something?
Halo 3 (top) Halo 4 (middle and bottom)
Both left and right arms are the same on the new armour, it's just different angles in the screenshots.

Yay codpiece!

Chief can once again hide (and protect) his manhood as his codpiece has returned after an absence in the announce trailer - perhaps he doesn't like sleeping with it, understandable. 

Halo 3 helmet on the left Halo 4 on the right
There's a number of subtle changes and additional detail on the helmet, removed the black venty-pipe things on his jaw, added rivets to the mouthpiece as well as a slightly smaller visor. Being honest it looks like a new helmet, even though we're told it's just down to a new artist. Despite the additional detail, I personally prefer the Halo 3 one, I think. 

Click to enlarge
From Halo 2 and 3 on the left through to 4 on the right, we're told this is supposed to be the same suit, but it's clearly had a number of tweaks, whether for style or artistic reasons or for added functionality remains to be seen. 2pm can't come soon enough.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. A little bit suggestive with the Cod piece, but good analysis :)

  2. I figured the lack of armor on the index finger would be for easier trigger use, similar to commandos favoring fingerless gloves. I doubt it has any gameplay significance.

  3. Agree with all the above Cowboy, and the index finger tech could indeed be holographic interface tech or for ease of use trigger fingers, if the second is true as its on both fingers it could suggest the return of dual wielding? Not entirely happy with the new forearm design, seems a little bulky, but I'll reserve judgement.

  4. He looks way cooler in Halo 4

  5. Halo 4 Chief looks badass!