Monday, 5 March 2012

Halo 4 Info Stream, Interviews, Videos, More!

I'll track the goings on from around the web here.

Really nice interview and preview over at GameTrailers:

Video interview with Frankie, included Halo 4 footage. 
  • No public beta
  • Sprint is back
  • BR is back
  • Multiplayer shown two maps Warhouse and Wraparound
Eurogamer massive interview with Frankie plus new ViDoc!
  • Multiplayer maps called  Warhouse and Wraparound
  • Play as Spartan IVs in multiplayer including a canonical reason why red are fighting blue. 
From Waypoint:


IGN Preview - Rebuilding the Master Chief

Kotaku - First Look at Halo 4

Kotaku close with a Haiku:

Good to see ya chief
still finishing that good fight;
dig the kicky duds


1UP - Halo Past Present and Future - Interview with Frankie

  • Suggests the DMR will be back "BR is not a replacement for DMR"
  • We have no plans to charge for Waypoint
  • No Kinect in Halo 4 "We're definitely looking at it for Halo stuff, but not for Halo 4"
  • "What I will say is that the stuff on the screen indicating where certain weapons are placed; I will say that is not how you find out where your opponent dropped his weapon. It has to do with a specific function of a specific gametype that we'll talk more about later."

Forbes - 343 takes the Warthog's wheel - Don't read this, it's clear the author doesn't play Halo. 

Now Gamer - 343 Industries On Halo, Call Of Duty & Multiplayer

  • All of multiplayer is going to be wrapped in a consistent fictional wrapper. I can’t say too much about that and the driving reason for that is something we haven’t talked about yet. 
  • the last four or five Halo novels we’ve published have been painting Halo 4 pretty deeply from the ground. 
  • They’re literally going to change the universe and metaphorically change his universe, put him in situations he’s never been in before. He’s still going to be the Chief, he’s still going to be tenacious and stoic. Most of his problems have been decided down the end of gun barrel, that’s not necessarily true anymore. • It’s going to be radically different in a lot of ways but it should still feel familiar and like a pair of gloves, slip it on and know what’s going on. 
  •  I will say that the familiar things will be back: there’s still going to be a Covenant presence in the universe and you’re still going to be fighting Covenant somewhere, but they’re not necessarily the greatest threat that you have to deal with in Halo 4.

EDGE - Halo 4 Revealed

  • Set directly after the events of 2007's Halo 3, the game will have the Master Chief facing a new, "ancient, very dark" threat.

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