Monday, 5 March 2012

Halo 4 - What We Know So Far

Take the jump for a burndown of everything that was announced today...

  • BR is back, but not to replace the DMR "There will still be single shot weapons".
  • Covenant will still play a part as an enemy.
  • New "ancient" enemy will be the main foe.
  • Sprint is back - looks as though it is on by default. 
  • We'll play as Spartan IVs in Multiplayer along with a canonical reason as to why Red and Blue are fighting.
  • The icons showing weapons on the HUD do not show where weapons have been dropped. 
  • Two maps shown - Wraparound and Warhouse.
  • Friendlies now appear green on radar instead of yellow
  • No Kinect in Halo 4 (will feature in Halo's future).
  • Master Chief looks beautiful.
  • There will not be a public beta.
  • Multiplayer will feature upgradable armour, aesthetically and performance enhancing.
  • The Magnum is back
  • Multiplayer video showed score being gained for medals:
  • Points awarded for types of kill, not just straight killing.
  • Unknown whether this is across the all multiplayer or just a gametype.
New HUD:
Speculation, but there's two sections of HUD I've highlighted at the top there, top right is presumably grenades, although this shot is taken right after spawn, so it's odd that there's no grenades already there. The other one near the health bar is unknown, stamina maybe?

I think that's all we have as nailed on facts, there's a bunch of conjecture and marketing fluff talking about "darker" and "grittier" and "expanding the story", but none of that really means anything until they actually show us something about the story. 

Let me know if I've missed anything. 

- Cowboy Out. 


  1. Hey! Nice concise summary. I only found this blog today through waypoint today and I love it! I'll be checking back regularly and I'll be sure to give you a plug on our little english Halo Podcast (

  2. *No Kinect in Halo 4 (will feature in Halo's future).
    No, 343 said that it will have Kinect features in Halo 4 as well as Microsoft saying that all futer exclusive AAA titles will have some form of Kinect support.

  3. @Anonymous Frankie says in this interview that it won't feature Kinect