Friday, 20 April 2012

Updated: Dutch Magazine Power Unlimited Has Some New Halo 4 Info

Halo Waypoint member DonVinzone has posted info from the latest issue of Dutch games mag Power Unlimited. He summarises the new info for us:

- Jackals are confirmed (no big suprise) and described as having a face that resembles "an evil crossbreed between a shark and an iguana"...expect loads of nasty teeth I guess?

- Returning Covies in general are described as "fitting a survival-horror game as well". Again: not a big suprise.

- The UNSC Infinity will show up during the Campaign (guess we all expected that) - Matchmaking area of Infinity will be called "War Games"

- BR is being described as "single shot" and DMR as "burst"....which is more than likely a mistake....Should be the other way around of course 

- Author states the multiplayer feels "f---ng amazing!", after saying he didn't really like Reach that much.

- "Perks" seem to be called "Modifications". Example given is that the author could carry (a few) more grenade(s).

- Plasma Rifle has been replaced with what he personally calls the "Covenant Assault Rifle" which spews "a storm of blue balls", and is described as "incredibly awesome". Which sounds like the Plasma Repeater in a better form of sorts to me.

- He states the classic "chanting monks" tune WILL in fact be back, after rumours on these forums being concerned it wouldn't return. 

The the new gun we saw on the OXM tease: It does in fact look like a UNSC-Forerunner hybrid with the layout of the Covenant Plasma Repeater. It also shows the full picture of that gun, as seen here:

All credit goes to DonVinzone for posting this - Thanks bro! 

I'm desperate to hear more about "Modifications", they could have a really big impact on play.

Update: Frankie just popped up on NeoGaf to offer a little more info too:

Click to enlarge

- Cowboy Out. 

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  1. I also got the issue this day, since I'm also from Holland. Also saw the mistake that was made by the author(the DMR and BR turned around) xD I got to say that he did not actually write that he did not like Reach, but he said that he just played halo 3 more than Reach.

    Overall it was a nice issue and I gotta give my compliments to the author who made this article with some new nice info.