Friday, 27 April 2012

GI - The Rise and Fall of Cortana

The next part of Game Informer's ongoing Halo 4 coverage just dropped with a five minute interview with Frankie about Cortana

Main points from the interview after the jump.

- Cortana will be much more pivotal to the story than before.

- She's expanded her natural lifespan through exposure to forerunner tech in previous games.

- She WILL decend into rampancy

- Chief will be faces with personal and practical challenges she'll never face before, Cortana is one of them.

- Cortana is was created illegally by cloning Halsey's brain.

- More human than other AI

- Through exposure to Gravemind and Forerunner archives she has become different to any other AI

- Her choice to be a naked blue lady is to force people "on to their heels" and knock them off their guard when dealing with her.

- There are canonical reasons why Chief's armour has changed. The reason for Cortana's change is because she wanted to (and because the tech allowed them to make her look better). 
- Cowboy Out.

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  1. Really Looking forward to finding more out about cortana. should be interesting to see how see changes over the forerunner triology!