Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Halo 4 Spartan Ops Interview

Just released on Game Informer is a new interview detailing Spartan Ops.

Quick Summary:

- Spartan Ops is the true innovation of Halo 4
- Highly story driven mini-campaigns
- Broken into weekly episodes, with each mission containing 5 missions
- Not confined to the UNSC Infinity, we'll explore new locations across the Galaxy
- Will be a full campaign in size
- Will feature characters that we'll get to know as it progresses
- As we know your character is persistent between both Multiplayer and Spartan Ops
- This will help bring people into Halo multiplayer that may otherwise have been intimidated by competitive online

We get another look at Multiplayer too!

Click to enlarge
Notice the radar icon to show the Ordnance drop we can see just above the AR.

The grenade icons have moved again, this time in the top right corner of the screen as opposed to the top left earlier in the Conan O'Brien video. We have something totally new in the top left! An Armour Ability presumably? but I could only speculate what that icon means.. looks a bit like a monitor? Could be a jetpack, maybe?

- Cowboy Out.


  1. First off it has been confirmed that thing in the Top Left of the pic is a thruster pack. And BTW Flawless Cowboy are you my friend on Xbox Live, because I swear to god I think you are, if you are I never knew about this blog.