Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Halo 4 to Launch on 6th November - CONFIRMED

Tech site The Verge are reporting that the release date for Halo 4 will be announced on the Conan O'Brien show tomorrow, with sources stating it will be November 6th.

"No other details are being offered, but we've heard from reliable sources close to Microsoft that the team may have finalized a release date for Master Chief's return:Tuesday, November 6th, 2012. We've also heard that it'll be announced before noon ET tomorrow. Though development cycles tend to fluctuate, locking down a pre-Black Friday release date this early gives Microsoft's marketing team ample time to plan for what we'd suspect will be one its biggest game launch this year. Will Conan and the gang be announcing the launch date? We'll know soon enough."

We know it will be releasing after the new Halo book, The Thursday War, which comes out on October 2nd, so a late October, early November release makes sense. Personally I had thought they'd go for November 7th, whilst it's not a Tuesday (the traditional day for new releases in the US), it would mean that it'd release on 11/7 or 117 (US date format). Marketing would love that kind of number play and it'd make for a really cool end to an advert:

Loads of super wicked gameplay awesomeness showing off Chief in his ass kicking glory, for the final frame zoom into the 117 on his suit and freeze. Have the background fade out just leaving the white 117, then fade in // and 2012 to make 11/7/2012.

That'd be so cool. :D

- Cowboy Out.

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