Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Little English Halo Store

I started this blog it was because I didn't feel there was a site that quite met my needs as a Halo fan, I wanted a site that reported all the news from the Halo Universe without prejudice, bias or air of superiority. I'd like to think I've delivered on that.

The volume of traffic and new users I've been seeing lately has been exciting and at the same time reassuring that so many people share my love of Halo and appreciate the effort I put into the site. To everyone who's visited, left comments, shared links to the site or otherwise spread the word I'd like to say thank-you.

I made this blog, because it was something that I, as a Halo fan, wanted to use and the same can be said for the new section of the site: The Little English Halo Store.

I've wanted a store that specifically sold Halo merchandise for as long as I can remember, a one-stop shop that would allow me to browse through neatly organised Halo products. It's still very much a work-in-progress and a lot more content and flashy navigation will come in time, but it's up and running and ready for your perusal. There's currently two flavours one for UK and one for US, both of which are powered by Amazon and are governed by all the Amazon rules you'll be used to. Shipping is free in the UK and free when you spend over $25 in the US.

The store will be regularly updated with all new release Halo merchandise and I'd very much like for it to become your first port of call when looking for Halo products, in doing so you will be helping to keep this site up and running as well as getting yourself some sweet new Halo merch - everybody wins!

If you have any questions or problems then please drop a mail to: store@littleenglishhaloblog.com

- Cowboy Out.

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