Friday, 6 April 2012

Microsoft Registers Several "Halo: Infinity" Webspaces

News surfaced earlier in the week that Microsoft had registered multiple Halo: Infinity URLs. There's a pretty big spread including:,,,,,,, and,,,,,,,,,, and

What could it mean? What is Halo: Infinity? There's a number of theories circulating, could it be an updated version of Waypoint? Perhaps a paid-for service like Bungie Pro or CoD Elite?

Personally, I don't think it's an accident that Halo: Infinity contains the name of Halo: Glasslands' brand spanking new UNSC super-destroyer, the UNSC Infinity.

I'm predicting a tablet/smartphone/XBLA game in a similar vain to the Star Trek Armada or Bridge Commander games where you play a UNSC ship Captain and take part in space combat/exploration missions. Something we'll all be familiar with from the Halo books. It'll probably tie into Halo 4 in some way too, in a similar way to the recent Mass Effect Infiltrator on phones and tablets unlocks content and XP in Mass Effect 3. This is an area of the Halo universe that has long been crying out for a game adaptation and I believe these URL registrations are the first sign that it's on its way.

I'm off to register  ;D

- Cowboy Out.

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