Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New April Sparkast is Out - With Summary

The new 343industries Sparkast has been released and is available to download or listen >here< The main theme of the podcast is tackling the misconceptions and misinterpretations from the Game Informer and I think it does a pretty good job and has certainly allayed a many of my concerns.
Full summary after the jump.

This is a full summary of all the key points from the podcast:

- Weapons will still spawn as usual at the start of a game
- Goal is to make it accessible to new and experienced players
- Lots of systems to communicate to the player what weapons will drop and where
- Weapon drop system is called "Ordinance"
- Ordinance will be customisable in Custon Games
- Takes away knowledge advantage to benefit people who haven't played the map as much
- Ordinance can kill you as it drops in
- Players will be able to control timing of spawns in certain modes
- When you die you have the choice to select or customise your loadout or spawn right away
- Is designed for Slayer
- Maps can support any gametype, but each map is taylored to a specific gametype
- All unlocks will be available in system link
- Loadouts designed to combat the eternal debate over starter weapons
- BR will require "effort" to unlock
- DMR is long range
- BR is mid-range
- Difficult to tell the difference between BR and DMR visually at a distance, as soon as you hear the sound, you'll know.
- DMR is better for lateral shots
- BR better for looking up or down
- DMR fires slower than Reach DMR
- BR has recoil, 3rd bullet hits a little higher than first bullet
- DMR will beat BR at long range, BR will win at mid to close range
- "AR is a beast in close range"
- Not every weapon can appear in the loadouts, "cannot take a rocket launcher" given as the example
- As well as balancing weapon loadouts, also balancing Armour Ability loadouts - learned a lot from the way people played Reach.
- Sprint was most popular AA by a mile, now everyone has sprint so it makes the differences of AAs a lot more interestng
- Levels are designed for the faster mobility
- Sprint slows down if you're getting shot, should help tackle the double melee problem
- default walk and jump are faster and higher than Reach, more like Halo 3
- Forerunner Vision has been misrepresented in Game Informer, is more like VISR/Arkham Asylum filter. Range is quite short.
- Balances itself because other AAs will give a better tactical advantage to a better player
- Forerunner Vision makes a noise so nearby players know you're using it
- Armour Lock is gone because it sucks
- "Cortana Web" is an internal tool for mining and presenting gameplay data
- SFX really sell the power of the weapons, totally changed opinions about the Plasma Pistol
- "Sniper Rifle sounds like a crack of thunder from Mt. Olympus"
- Assault Carbine is a style of weapon that's been in the game before (SMG?), used to be a depleter of shields, but struggled to finish, that's fixed now.
- Spartan Ops is integral to the Halo experience both single player and multiplayer - "if you liked Firefight you will LOVE Spartan Ops"
- "Players can really specialise in how they play the game in Spartan Ops"
- Feels like more than the survival type experience of Firefight because there's story and progression in there
- Spartan Points will massively insentivise playing well and playing cleverly
- Doesn't exclude casual players, if you only drive you can be rewarded for that (heard this before..?)
- Firefight often turned from co-operative to competitive, Spartan Ops is much more tuned to working together and team work
- Should appeal to people on the strength of the narrative
- The character progression from PvP multiplayer feeds into Spartan Ops
- PvP and Spartan Ops is "one cohesive experience"
- Reaffirming that Warhouse is not a final name (this was covered in the March podcast too)
- We'll see a lot more of the game at E3
- No public beta

- Cowboy Out.


  1. i'm sure they said slayer works best with 4v4

    objective games 5v5

    1. Oh really? I'm about to go to bed, I'll check in the morning and update. Apologies if it's incorrect.