Tuesday, 24 April 2012

ThreeA Tease New Line of Halo Figures

The deal was announced last year, but today we get the first glimpse of the new line of Halo statues from ThreeA.

You may not have heard of ThreeA, they aren't particularly mainstream. They produce incredibly detailed and high quality statues from various pop culture properties and will be rolling out a line of Halo statues this year. Expect prices to be very high though, their Metal Gear Rex statue retails at £500. It's unlikely the Halo figures will be as big as that, but nevertheless you can expect to pay over £100 minimum.

The image was posted on their site and then quickly removed suggesting they weren't supposed to be revealing anything just yet, so there's no concrete info on price or release date, but expect them this year when the Halo momentum is at its peak.

- Cowboy Out.

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