Friday, 25 May 2012

EB Games Announce Canada Exclusive Armour and Weapon Skins

EB Games in Canada have just confirmed people who pre-order Halo 4 with them will receive an exclusive Canada-themed weapon and armour skins:

Like most people I don't particularly like retailer exclusive pre-order content, I think it's quite anti-consumer. On the plus side neither of these items are particularly desirable, I look forward to seeing the UK-specific armour design. 

- Cowboy Out.  


  1. I hope these perms are unlockable when the game is old enough to do that. But yeah, they look tight.

    J19 Brutous

  2. Does anyone know a bigger pic of the armor at the ms store?


  4. Yeah, I do not really like these pre-order exclusives that every game is doing now, it is just annoying.. It's especially annoying when there is a different item for different countries and retail stores. I am liking these snippets of what the cosmetics of Halo 4 is looking like, but I don't think there should be exclusive ones that only people who pre-order from this or that store should get. That is apparently what a pre-order bonus is now... I think it should go back to "cool, you pre-order this game? Here are a few fun doo-dads that you can get as well" -And those would be the same items across the globe and across all the retail stores.
    This kind of causes me to not want to pre-order because I don't want to get mixed up with deciding where to buy the darn game!...