Sunday, 27 May 2012

Halo 4 Beta Media Leaked - Super-Low Quality

Three screenshots and an eleven minute video have popped up online, supposedly from the Halo 4 beta.
Looks to be a sort of Forerunner riot shield, could be a new Armour Ability? To be honest it could just as easily be a weird Forerunner missile pod or something, we can't be sure either way from just this image.
This is an important rock, apparently.

UPDATE: The video has now been pulled from YouTube at the request of Microsoft. 

I'm posting the video because some of you may really hate your eyes and feel like giving them a bit of torture this afternoon. The quality of this video is so bad I really can't recommend watching it: 
The video shows a slayer match on Warhouse, there's nothing particularly shocking in there, we see the Halo 4 sword for the first time, but its inclusion isn't going to surprise anyone.
The Railgun is visible in use at 3:00, it looks pretty devastating!
Something at 4:20, could be King of the Hill zone, Bubble Shield or is it some sort of safe spawn zone?
Forerunner Vision at 8:30, looks a bit like the Analyse feature from Halo:CEA.

As I say the quality is so poor that at this point you may as well wait for the HD multiplayer video we'll get during E3 next week as opposed to subjecting yourself to this.
- Cowboy Out.


  1. Did he record this with a carrot?? and the music is gay as hell.

    Thanks for posting though, I still watched the whole thing

    1. I can't understand how in today's technological society how somebody can screw up a video recording so badly. Was he going through an 8.0 earthquake or was he TRYING to make us nauseous?

  2. this can only be that bad on purpose. The TV is on the floor! what the hell?

  3. It's vital marketing, exact same music was used in a Halo3 viral years ago. It's also a good sign when it's not removed from YouTube etc.V

  4. Video has been taken down from YouTube.

  5. Maybe that shield thing is the Hardlight Shield.