Monday, 28 May 2012

Halo 4 Limited Edition Available for Pre-Order Now!

You probably read about the announcement of the Halo 4 Limited Edition last week. I'm sure that like me, you've been sat with a itchy finger waiting to hit pre-order since then. Well now you can scratch that itch and replace it with the warm, secure feeling of knowing that you're pre-order is locked in.

As I reported earlier in the week pre-ordering with Amazon gets you an exclusive skin and emblems. Here's my run down of where best to pre-order:

UK: - £64.99 - Includes exclusive skin and emblems - £69.99 - Includes exclusive skin
Game is £64.99 - Includes exclusive armour skin
Gamestation - £64.99 - Includes armour skin and weapon skin (same as GAME's)
ShopTo - £64.95 - No exclusive DLC announced yet

US: - $99.99 - Includes exclusive skin and emblems
BestBuy - $99.99 - Includes an exclusive skin
GameStop - $99.99 - Includes an exclusive skin

Amazon seem to have the best deals at the moment, I'll update this page if there's any special offers elsewhere or better DLC announced.

In case you missed the news earlier in the week, here's the breakdown of the Limited Edition contents from the Microsoft Press Release: (Actually worth a read as I think it clarifies a few things from the Waypoint bulletin earlier in the week)

The Halo 4 Limited Edition maximises your multiplayer experience and puts you in the boots of a Spartan-IV aboard the UNSC Infinity – the hub of your “Halo” multiplayer career.

The RRP is £69.99, but available to pre-order now at £64.99 from Amazon
The “Halo 4” Limited Edition includes:

  • War Games Map Pack Access – The Limited Edition includes access to nine maps – three future competitive multiplayer map packs, each including three locations, available for download post-launch on Xbox LIVE.
  • Specializations – Receive early access to six Specialisations, available at launch on Xbox LIVE, to achieve higher ranks in your Spartan career. In addition to gaining access to new ranks, Specialisations unlock new customisation options. Purchasers of the “Halo 4” Limited Edition will get access on launch day, while others will have to wait as Specialisations are released over time.
  • The Limited Edition also contains the UNSC Infinity Briefing Packet, which includes an armour customisation schematic, a blueprint of the massive ship itself, and insight into what it means to be one of humanity’s finest warriors: the Spartan-IVs.
  • Bonus digital content through Xbox LIVE: 
-   Unique in-game Spartan-IV armour skin
-   Unique in-game weapon skin for the Assault Rifle
-   An exclusive in-game emblem
-   Xbox LIVE Avatar prop
-   Xbox LIVE Avatar Spartan-IV armour set
  • “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” Special Edition – An extended 90-minute version of the live-action digital series that will bring the “Halo” universe to life as you’ve never seen it, and provide an enthralling backstory leading up to the events of “Halo 4.”
  • “Halo 4” Limited Edition also includes the following exclusive videos:
-  Bonus in-fiction content expanding the characters and stories of “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”
-   Special Featurette : Bringing Gaming into Reality
-   Making of “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn”
It is genuinely a brilliant Limited Edition, the DLC pass ads real value. The press release does go on to say that the Forward Unto Dawn Special Edition is accessible through Waypoint so won't be on a disc, which I know a lot of people were hoping for. I'd guess they were torn between including it in SD on DVD or HD on Blu-Ray. If they opted for HD lots of people wouldn't be able to view it, if they opted for SD people would feel it was sub-standard. Offering the content through Waypoint might seem a little cheap, but it allows everyone to experience it in HD.

- Cowboy Out. 


  1. Cheers for the summary cowboy. I'll be preordering in the next couple of day. Only concern is amazons delivery rep is somewhat questionable at times.

  2. Really? I've never had a problem with Amazon, especially not with pre-orders - Unlike GAME :X

    1. Yeah they bodged a on pre orders for battlefield 3 many people didn't get it on release day.

  3. I guess now it doesn't really matter where you pre order because you will get the pre-order skin and the skins from the limited edition

    1. You do get one in the limited edition, but each retailer has a unique one as well:

  4. That Gunslinger28 May 2012 at 17:40

    Yeah I've had many issues with Game. At least three games got stolen in the post last year. While that isn't Game's fault, they did choose to use the Royal Mail. I prefer Play as they dispatch quickly and use an independent postal service who don't hire any old thief but Amazon are generally fine too.

  5. Well, if you have good enough internet with streaming and video buffering, then it will be HD(for the most part) on Waypoint, but there still are a lot of people who have slow internet and can't really do much about it(me), so it's the worst quality when web sites decide to stream instead of the "go ahead and load the whole video" way, like Youtube used to do it.. You can't choose your video quality on Waypoint, so it's pretty bad..
    That's why I want them to have an extra CD/ DVD with all the extra content and Forward Unto Dawn on that, then have a code or something so you can view it on Waypoint as well.