Thursday, 24 May 2012

Halo 4 listing on Microsoft Store Suggests the Return of Clans

The listing for Halo 4 on the US Microsoft Store has a bullet point that reads:
"Track your groups, stats and scores on"
"Groups" - That's not really a part of the Halo vernacular, which would seem suggest a new feature. Clans, maybe?

Clan support is something that's been dearly missed among the community since Halo 2. Before the Xbox 360 launched, Microsoft talked about having clan support at a system level, they even showed a clan blade on the old dashboard. Unfortunately, this never materialised and it was never explained why it was dropped. I'd guess they felt the phrase "clan" was very hardcore and suggested a seriousness to the gaming experience that they'd rather avoid.

And so we have Groups, we know literally nothing about them other than the fact will be trackable on Waypoint. It's reasonable to think they will be some sort of clan equivalent, what else could they be?

It's still early Stateside, I'll update if we get an update from Frankie or David Ellis later in the day - expect teasing, trolling and misdirection.

- Cowboy Out

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  1. Oh my god, it better be clans. We need them back!