Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Marathon Trilogy is Now Available for Free on iOS

Some of you may remember a time before Halo, some of you - like me - may have been Mac owners and remember the months that could go by during the 90s without seeing a new game release. In those days Marathon was like a gift from the Gods. For it's time it was a very intelligent, story based FPS.

It might not look like much today, but you have to remember that in the mid-nineties this was up against Doom II, and in terms of depth and quality it booted the Doom games clean into touch.
If you follow the Bungie updates you may remember an interview with Daniel Blezek last year, he talked about his project to bring all three Marathon games to iOS and release them for free. Well he's now finished that particular quest, with Marathon Infinity hitting the AppStore today for the very tempting price of 0 pounds and 0 pence.

There are some pay options such as a HD texture pack for £1.39, but you can experience all three games for free if you want to. If you have an iDevice I wholeheartedly recommend giving these a try, you've got nothing to lose.

- Cowboy Out.

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