Monday, 28 May 2012

More Screens Leak From The Halo 4 Closed Beta - Poor Quality

8 New screen grabs have surfaced courtesy of Italian Halo site, the quality is poor but we do get a look at some new assets:
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 Assault Carbine maybe? The screen suggests it UNSC, but could be some sort of UNSC-Forerunner hybrid weapon.
 The RailGun! Also a very glossy looking Ghost.
 No idea what this is, looks like the Target Locator from Reach.. the icon in the top right suggests it could be the grenade pistol seen in the announce trailer. The pro-pipe has a little screen, so maybe it's an evolution on that.
 Looks like they dipped their camera in vaseline before taking this shot...
 Pistol and an Ordinance drop.
 Autosentry! Firepower?
Resupply? Grenadier? Awareness?
Regenerating Health! Hologram! Hardlight Shield! Active Camo! Thruster Pack!

Awful quality, but plenty of info to get your teeth into.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. first pic looks freaking awesome.

  2. Hmm, Stinkless is nick of Frankie on Neogaf....what a coincidence. Or ?

    1. Lol, not a coincidence. I saw his name, liked it, and put it as my username here.

    2. Ah alright, i was already hoping for some kind of official comment on leaked informations :)

  3. Waypoint was here!

  4. looks like tribes

  5. Regenerating health!? NOOO

  6. Ugh .. too much like Reach, and COD.

  7. duxa estoy aqui por ti

  8. Duxa me trajo aca

  9. i see specilizations mentioned in limited edition at work i see that you may need more for more advaced equipment.also if you read what it says in the 6th picture firepower is a perk thing that allows use of 2 primary wepons.the maps look cool and guns look like some kind of shit there going to mention in the thurday war book that karren travis is going to make if correct.overall the samaritan that got these photographs is a real badass.

  10. The Perk system-ish thing looks like it doesn't belong in halo but it if it betters the gameplay I'm all for it