Thursday, 31 May 2012

New Footage From the Halo 4 Beta - OK-ish Quality

Our good friends at have done it again - this time posting a minute and a half of footage from the closed Halo 4 Multiplayer Beta

It's the best video we've had yet from the beta. As I say every time, we're so close to E3 that it might be best to just wait for the official footage now.

Movement speed looks really fast. The kill-time on the AR is crazy, it looks an absolute beast. First time seeing the grenade pistol in action too - I'm getting that screen that pops out tells you when someone is nearby so you can release the trigger and let the grenade explode, just like the Pro-pipe. 


  1. this is better than 343 has ever released and from any other videos i've ever seen so this is freaking awsome have to same and it may look like the ar can finally stand ground with br and dmr.

  2. There's a killcam now?...... *facepalm* I don't think the Halo franchise needed a freakin killcam....

    That being said.... love that the AR is not a worthless weapon anymore - it shreds people at close range!

  3. This is great!! The AR rips the shit out of people and when you sprint, you really do sprint. The only bit I didn't like is when I saw fall damage. I really hope that it is removed before the final game ships. Other than that, I loved all that I saw.

  4. looks like Regicide because of the marker on the first player that's killed