Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New Image of the Halo 4 Railgun

We've previously seen the Railgun a couple of times, once in a grainy photo of OXM and once in orthographic style courtesy of Game Informer:

Well that grainy image we saw previously is now available in luscious HD:

Click to enlarge
Props go to French Halo fansite Halo Destiny for digging this up.

I still think it has a Metal Gear Solid vibe to it, much like the mech on Warhouse. Perhaps 343i have employed a weapon artist who's previously worked at Kojima Productions or maybe it was Ryan Payton's influence before he left.

Can't wait to see the gun in action, I bet it sounds incredible.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. The art direction in terms of both the rail gun and bits of chiefs armour, especially the gloves, are very MGS4. But this is no bad thing as those aspects have luckily worked somehow! Verecocha

  2. Hey cowboy, chceck out those 2 concept arts. They say they will be included in Halo 4 premium theme

    1. Thanks buddy, added an article for these. :D