Saturday, 12 May 2012

[Spoiler] First Look at New Halo 4 Enemies?

I won't post the images on the front page as some won't want to see this, but courtesy of leaked packaging of the new line of McFarlane action figures we get a sneak peak at new enemies from Halo 4.

Potential campaign spoilers after the jump.

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The "Crawler" and "Watcher".. very utilitarian names.. still no clue as to which faction they belong to, could be Forerunner, Precursor or something else? The Crawler certainly doesn't look Forerunner, but with the new art direction being applied across the game that's no guarantee one way or another. Certainly there's been no mention of either Crawler or Watcher so far in the canon.

The Watcher does look like a more advanced, almost organic looking Sentinel and is not too dissimilar to really blurry enemies we've seen on Mega-Bloks packaging at Toy Fair:

The golden "eye" in the middle does look similar in style to Guilty Spark and the other monitor's eyes, but then there also looks to be a pair of eyes on the "head". All in all, despite images of two new creatures/enemies we're still left none the wiser.

There's a chance they could be indigenous life from Requiem as opposed to new enemies, but I feel it's unlikely we'd get figures of indigenous life in wave 1, considering we've never had a Moa figure. It's also odd we'd get a Sentinel in wave 1 considering they've been an enemy in the series for ten years and only recently appeared in action figure form for the first time.

The image surfaced over on Chinese Xbox site Xbox-Skyer, the site doesn't really have any new info asside from the image.

- Cowboy Out


  1. dude... The thing in the megablocks set is one of the guardian sentinals from halo 2... Remember... with the blue sheilds in front, then the funky legs/arms in the back, and thsoe little arm thingys hanging in the middle...

    1. Ohh.. you mean one of the Enforcers? Yeah it could be actually..

      Seems odd to bring back an enemy we've not seen since Halo 2 for a MegaBloks toy though..

  2. Under the part where it givesw us the names of the 'crawler' and 'watcher' it says that there will be an enemy figure coming later. It wouldn't say that if it had just revealed enemies would it?