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A Brief History of Halo at E3: 2000 - 2005

So, how are you? Excited about Monday? We're just one sleep away from our biggest serving yet of Halo 4 info. E3 is one of the most glitzy and overblown showpieces in any industry. This year Halo 4 will be taking centre stage. I thought it would be nice to take a walk down memory lane and see if we can stir some of the ghosts of E3s past.

E3 1999

Halo wasn't actually unveiled at E3, it was first shown in 1999, in this now famous stage demo introduced by Steve Jobs. Halo was shown behind closed doors at E3 in 1999, but no trailers or screenshots were released. 

E3 2000  

Halo was still a Mac game at this point. Two trailers were shown on the E3 show floor, the short one was rolling on monitors, while the long one was a sit-down showing at the Bungie booth. It depicts a very different game to the one that finally shipped and includes several canned vehicles and animals. Also, check out Master Chief's voice!


E3 2001

A lot changed in the next 12 months, Bungie was bought by Microsoft and Halo became an Xbox game. More than any other video in this article, I think this highlights how far the industry has come in the last decade - the kids awkwardly playing Halo, the low budget set dressings, the forced jokes between Peter Moore and Robbie Bach, all feels a bit.. cheap?

As well as this video from the press conference, Halo multiplayer was playable on the show floor - Slayer on Blood Gulch and the Campaign level Halo.

E3 2002

Halo 2 is announced to the world in this classic trailer:

Halo:CE was again playable on the show floor at the Microsoft stand.

E3 2003  

We get our first real look at Halo 2 with an on-stage demo by Joe Staten. There are better quality versions of this video, but I've uploaded this one as it's the live recording from the stage presentation so you get all the audience reactions. I love the the way the crowd goes wild as Chief hijacks the Ghost. :D

Bet you can't stick it.

E3 2004  

Things are getting a bit better now, live streams of the conferences are becoming commonplace and it's all much higher quality business. Joe Staten again takes to the stage to do a live demo of Halo 2's multiplayer. This includes the now infamous moment where Joe Staten wails “OoooOhhOoh TAKE IT!

Also includes Peter Moore revealing his new tattoo. <3

Earth will never be the same. 

E3 2005

2005 was the year of the 360 so Microsoft's focus was elsewhere. Halo 2's record breaking sales and online player numbers discussed in the press conference, but there was no new Halo game shown. The Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack was playable on the show floor, and actually drew impressive crowds considering PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 were on show elsewhere.

Check out part 2 for a breakdown of E3 2006 onwards. 

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