Sunday, 3 June 2012

A Brief History of Halo at E3: 2006 - 2011

Welcome to part two of our dissection of Halo's history at E3. If you haven't read part one it might be worth checking it out before reading this article: >Here<

E3 2006

One of the most spine tingling videogame trailers of all time announces Halo 3 to the world.

This is the way the world ends. 

E3 2007 

Halo. Halo. Halo. Halo. In 2007, Halo is at the height of it's powers and Microsoft used it to full effect as a live orchestra plays the Halo 3 theme to open the show:

This was followed shortly afterwards by the first part of the Halo Landfall live action trailer.

Later in the conference we saw gameplay trailers of both Halo 3 and Halo Wars. Halo 3 campaign was playable on the show floor, at this point we'd already had the multiplayer beta.

E3 2008

ODST wasn't official just yet, so the only Halo game in attendance was Halo Wars. This trailer was shown during the conference and the game was playable on the show floor. 

Bungie had originally planned to unveil ODST at E3 2008, but Microsoft changed the plans at the eleventh hour prompting this, now infamous post on by Bungie head Harold Ryan:

E3 2009

E3 Stalwart Joe Staten again takes to the stage and demonstrates the first live gameplay of Halo 3: ODST, before revealing Halo: Reach. ODST was playable on the show floor in both campaign and Firefight.

Due to moody YouTube restrictions I can't embed the ODST demo, but you can watch it on YouTube:  >HERE<

E3 2010 

It's all about Reach – One Reach trailer and then a stage demo of Long Night of Solace

E3 2011 

Small trailer for Anniversary (I felt they totally undersold it) and the “Wake up John” Halo 4 teaser trailer. Anniversary campaign was playable on the show floor.


  1. I still get tingles when I think back to E3 2007, we're they were closing up the Microsoft conference, and the guy's thanking everyone for coming, Microsoft has a bunch of stuff to show you blah blah and then he says it: "But first, let's finish the fight" - Halo 3 trailer comes up. Damn.