Monday, 4 June 2012

Halo 4 Barn Leaker Interview

NeoGaf poster Ryaaan14 has been in an IRC chat with the supposed barn leaker MTW. He confirms who he is and that he has access to the beta, but other than that we're just taking him on his word so take this with a pinch of salt. We're only 6 hours away from the official unveiling so you might want to wait until the official news.

You can read the full trascription >Here<, I've condensed it down to the key points after the jump.

[04:39] MTW> HELLO

Ryaaan spends a few minutes confirming his identity, he posts a note saying "Hello Halogaf" in front of the beta loadout screen. He's legit.

[04:51] Ryaaan>Can I ask you a few questions?
[04:51]  MTW>  go!
[04:51] Ryaaan> Armor
[04:51] Ryaaan>Is it custimizable by piece or by set
[04:52]  MTW>  it is just like it is in reach
[04:52]  MTW>  exactly
[04:52] Ryaaan>So by piece.
[04:52]  MTW>  yes
[04:52] MTW> paintable only as a whole
[04:52] MTW> helmet/chest/etc
[04:52] Ryaaan> Ok so skins are whole

[04:52] Ryaaan> How scaled are loadout/perk unlocks?
[04:53] Ryaaan> I know beta is beta, but ya know.
[04:53] MTW> not well
[04:53] MTW> you just get credit to buy whatever you want
[04:53] MTW> some better stuff is tied to having a higher level
[04:53] MTW> you get perks that make you deadly pretty early on

[04:54] Ryaaan> Did you play Halo 3 and Reach?
[04:54] MTW> yes
[04:54] Which does the movement/aiming feel closer to?
[04:54] MTW> good question.
[04:54] MTW> if halo 3 had jet packs.

[04:54] Ryaaan> Ok
[04:54] Ryaaan> About that
[04:55] Ryaaan> How does the "jet booster" play?
[04:55] MTW> it just shoots you horizonal. very weird.
[04:55] MTW> regular jet pack is still in though
[04:55] MTW> the armor ability menu scrolls futher than you guys have seen
[04:55] MTW> one last item is on that screen
[04:55] MTW> jet pack.
[04:55] So boost and jetpack are separate things?
[04:55] MTW> yes.
[04:56] MTW> jet pack is an armor ability
[04:56] MTW> but you unlock it late
[04:56] MTW> thruster unlocks earlyish
[04:56] Ryaaan> Ok so you can get a nerfed jetpack earlier
[04:56] MTW> not so nerfed, but yes.

[04:57] Ryaaan> Ok, bloom
[04:57] Ryaaan> Does it exist?
[04:57] MTW> not really, no.
[04:57] MTW> nothing like reach
[04:57] MTW> shots go where you point.
[04:57] Ryaaan> So bloom is ONLY visual?
[04:57] Ryaaan> Just to time shots
[04:58] MTW> that appears to be it, yes. keep in mind I am not a halo expert. i just know i hated how rifles worked in reach, and this is much better.
[04:58] Ryaaan> Good to know

[04:58] Ryaaan> Do you know anything about player tags?
[04:59] Ryaaan> Like the 4 character title we had
[04:59] MTW> same as before
[04:59] MTW> 4 character tag

[04:59] Ryaaan> How does the Sniper feel?
[04:59] fyrewulff> all i want to know is
[04:59] MTW> fucking great.
[04:59] MTW> like halo 1

[04:59] Fyrewulff> does the game have Legacy sticks?
[04:59] Ryaaan> lmao here we go
[04:59] MTW> checking
[05:00] MTW> yep!
[05:00] Fyrewulff> hooray
[05:00] MTW> legacy/legacy southpaw is in
[05:00] Fyrewulff> we're good then
[05:00] Fyrewulff> :3
[05:00] Ryaaan> On that note, recon control scheme?
[05:01] MTW> it's in.
[05:01] Ryaaan> Good.

After this Ryaaan took the discussion to Skype, I'll update this article when we know more.

- Cowboy Out. 


  1. Does that mean you can't choose separate colours for separate armour pieces? Or was he exclusively talking about skins? Or is there no colour system, like 2, 3, ODST and Reach? Has it been replaced by skins?

  2. you can pick skin colours