Friday, 29 June 2012

Halo 4 on the Cover of EDGE

Halo 4 has scored a cover on prestigious videogames journal EDGE this month. I've not received my copy yet, but I'll update this post if there's any juicy info. Thanks to Detox over on NeoGaf for the image.

EDGE have historically been very friendly to the Halo series, always recognising the series' efforts to revolutionise and push boundaries.

"How Halo 4 is Gunning for Legendary Status"

That's a very positive headline. :D

A lot of the feature treads ground you'll have already seen, but there are a couple of interesting quotes from Phil Harrison (who I still can't believe is at Microsoft) and Frankie:

Phil Harrison: " We had someone in from the television industry and she was totally blown away by someof the things that we're doing. We're speaking the same language from a production methodology, a storytelling perspective. You'll see [that] we're basically entering the episodic television industry with Spartan Ops. There's a linear piece of content and an interactive piece of content, and I think that a pretty interesting decision."
Frankie: "The way we make that content Legendary, teh way we delivfer something great, is simple: hard work. The experimentation, the evolution, the invention - thats' all done. Now it's about polish and hard execution. And that's all we're doing from now until launch."

EDGE did also mention that they share a lot of the community's concerns over the COD-esque progression system:

"XP and upgrades will apparently be consistent across modes, so whatever else this brings, the purity of the Halo machine is gone, replaced by the grinding progression systems of the Modern Warfare era. Master Chief's greatest enemy may turn out to be not the Forerunners, but the wrath of a community that has always celebrated Halo's differences."

- Cowboy Out.


  1. Do you know where you can buy this?

  2. When does this comes out?

  3. Due in shops on Tuesday (some subscribers have it already). As for where you can get it, most newsagents that have a reasonable selection of magazines will carry it - All WH Smiths stock it.

  4. Guess I can't get it then, live in the U.S. Oh well, I'll just look for some scans online.