Tuesday, 12 June 2012

McFarlane Show New Line of Halo 4 Figures

McFarlane have shown off their first line of Halo 4 figures over on Waypoint. The first series includes 6 figures and is due to release just before Halo 4 later this year.

Regular readers will know I'm quite excited about this one featuring Master Chief in cryo:

Looks as though Chief has received a little more battle damage than when we last saw him at the New York Toy Fair. 

The appearance of the Spartan IVs are really starting to grow on me. These look pretty cool! Hopefully the final figures won't both come with the same weapon though, that seems a little cheap..

- Cowboy Out.


  1. only gears of war figures can rival these awsome figures. they all look great but i would rather have something else than the unggoy.maybe a jiralhanae.

  2. Master Chief Cyro is awesome, but I'm gonna wait til they release pics ov Cortana first :P