Saturday, 16 June 2012

New Halo 4 Viral Marketing

Remember earlier in the week when a new Halo trailer was shown during the England vs France game? Well that same trailer was shown on ESPN in the US yesterday during Miami Heat's basketball game.

Shortly afterwards a Halo 4 banner appeared on the ESPN site, if you press play some weird stuff starts to happen. I've no idea how long it will be up for or if it will change so I've grabbed a capture of it:

Now there's a heck of a lot in here, the HBO folks have started to pore over it, there's latin text, backwards text, some numbers that so far mean nothing, but will obviously be of significance down the line. 

Think of it like you're trying to assemble a jigsaw, but the pieces you have are from six separate jigsaws, and you spilled Lilt on them, and your Dog ate at least eleven pieces, and the light you're using to look at the pieces is constantly flickering. 

Some of you will remember ilovebees, the now legendary Halo 2 viral marketing campaign, this has the same sort of vibe to it. Ilovebees is still the poster child of marketing companies worldwide, the go-to example of Viral marketing done right. 343i seem so intent on outdoing every aspect of Halo from the past so it wouldn't surprise me if they have some BIG plans for this viral campaign too.

Of course this is just stage 1, we have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes, but it's safe to say it'll be worth it when we come out the other side. It's late now and I'm a little tipsy after the football tonight, but I'll be digging through all the content tomorrow. I'd expect a new Terminal to turn up on Waypoint at some point, but we may not have all pieces of the code to access it just yet. 

- Cowboy Out. 


  1. Talk about cryptic viral advertising. I guess the video production companies in los angeles will still consider this as a master class in this field, even if it didn't make sense at the start.

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