Saturday, 7 July 2012

Halo 4 Forge Unveiled at RTX

Everything about Forge has been overhauled and improved since Halo Reach, below are the key points from the Forge Demo.

- Certain Affinity have been making Halo 4's Forge mode and all its components.

- All features are still in development. Lots of placeholder elements, especially UI.

- One of three Forge environments shown - 3 Forge Worlds. This one is called Ravine (looks like Valhalla).

- Object selection is more intelligent, objects highlight and display object name.

- Objects can now be locked to prevent accidentally moving Forge pieces.

- Forge objects can now be easily duplicated.

- MAGNETS! A Magnet system allows objects to intelligently snap together and fit together seamlessly.

- Dynamic Lighting! Previously Reach had a sort of global illumination, but now all Forge objects cast shadows on one anotherand the environment. This allows objects to sit in the environment more realistically.

- Dynamic Lighting has a very secret name that they can't talk about.

- Player Trait Zones! Zones can be placed to adjust player speed, gravity, jump height, shields & health, camo etc. This will make for some AMAZING mini games.

- Fall damage is now customisable, via Player Trait Zones.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. Magnets and dynamic lighting FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'm so excited!!! This new system and settings will be great for my race tracks maps! Making jumps into antigravity so vehicles can go flying will be awesome! ( We have a group in Easter Idaho that does LANs for Halo all the time! I'm the main forge person out of everyone so this is great!) Also forge looks amazing with the new lighting system!

    -gAg CruSh3r

  3. HOLY *YOINK*!!!

    B3sT F0rg3 EvaR!!!

    I can already see my remade forge maps from Reach, with smexy new lighting and SMOOTH walkways thanks to magnets. 343 knows what their doing and I am proud to call myself a Halo fan!


  4. Has anyone said if the 3 forgeworld maps are part of the 10 multiplayer maps that ship with the game or are they in addition to them?

    1. They are extra. 13 maps in total.

    2. Great news. Thanks

  5. Btw, people have been saying that forge world is small from what they've seen on this video. However, if you watch the full panel video, you can see Jack and Geoff from RT flying past the rocks, and it's HUGE. Plenty of water and open spaces, with islands in the distance. Not sure if you can reach the islands though.

    Anyway, spread the word! Crush the rumors! Forge world is still pretty big with different enviroments.


  6. 13 total?!! That's freaking awesome!!

  7. We just did a skit on HALO 4, check it out!!!