Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox Seen at Mall of America?

Flikr user Commander Wolffe has shared this photo of an Xbox he spotted at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.

Whilst I've been speculating about the possibility of a Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox for some time, I'm not convinced this is it. It doesn't really match the stylings of the previous two Limited Edition Xboxes, and the one in the background appears to have part of the "H" and "4" cut off. We can also see that one has a silver trim and one has a black trim, I think it's unlikely we'd see two variants of a Limited Edition console so it's more likely these two were modded for display as opposed to consumer use.

It could be a set of stick on decals like the ones which have been sold alongside previous Halo games, it could be a promo item given to retailers, it could be for a competition prize in the near future.

I still think we will see a Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox, but I'd expect it to be more in-keeping with the previous two.

- Cowboy Out. 

Thanks to 09Webcam for the tip! 


  1. It looks kind of ugly. Like they took the photo from Google and just plastered it on. Halo 3's xbox will always been the best. And Reach's was sick aswell. Not seeing it with Halo 4.

    Are we sure this isn't a fake?

    1. It's decals/stickers. Go on his flickr and he posts a comment saying that it is actually stickers that Microsoft Has put pn a normal console. :)

  2. I personally think it isnt fake, but just some decals that the store put on an Xbox to Advertise.

  3. Decals clearly.

  4. Skinit custom skin. The Microsoft Stores do offer Skinit Products and this is to highlight THAT product.