Thursday, 19 July 2012

Haloathon is LIVE now!


The lads are now in hour 54 and have made decent progress, they're about half way through ODST.

They're running contests for the duration of the competition with all sorts of rare Halo prizes, jump over to and take a look!

Original Story:

Everyone's favourite annual Halo marathon is now up an running live over at

Haloathon is an annual event in which a group of gents from the North East of England get together and play through all the Halo games in succession without a break. Last year they went for over 60 hours and raised over £800 for children's charity Special Effect - This year they're hoping to do much more!

Special Effect is a charity that helps disabled children play videogames, either by finding games that they can play or adapting existing games so they can play dispite their disability. It's a wonderful cause and one that I'm sure you can all get behind.

I know what you're thinking, how can you help? Well if you hop on over to there is a live stream where you can watch the lads in action and give a donation.

For the next two and a half hours the highest unique donation to will win:

 - The Gold McFarlane Master Chief
 - Halo 4 T-shirt
 - Halo Reach Noble Hoody (green)
 - Halo 3 ODST Game (PAL)
 - Halo Wars Game (PAL)
 - 12 Month Xbox Live subscription
 - Energy Sword Avatar Code

They also sold a sealed copy of Halo 2 signed by an assortment of Bungie devs raising £155 for Special Effect. Excellent work, fellas!

- Cowboy Out.

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