Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New Photos From Forward Unto Dawn

New shots from the set of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn have been released showing several cast members as well as the Master Chief in action.


- Cowboy Out. [via the LA Times]


  1. Chief's armour looks so badass!

  2. Awesome photos. I just wish 343 hadn't gone with the Halo Legends "Package" version of Mjolnir.

    1. But why not? This is EARLY Human-Covenant war, and MJOLNIR Mark V wasn't even around til I believe either 2551 or 2552. But I could just be talking smack. Either way they interpreted the armor beautifully, and it's obvious they're enjoying what they're doing which can always make the final product better.

      P.S. : Chick from Narnia movies in 7th picture, Top row, second from left.


  3. SICK! Another great find dude!

  4. I think the helmet is defined pretty awesomely, better than The Package.

  5. Everyone forgets the MK.4 that was used in Halo Wars which I think overall looked better in design then the one out of "The Package" from Halo Wars. Oh well too late now.

  6. Some of these marines are looking real skinny, i know they're just trainees but damn eat something. I mean, one thing that always bugged me about those fanmade halo films is that the characters never quite look the part, here masterchief has the appropriate bulk, but the marines look more like guys in cosplay. Unlles people are really that skinny in the military.

  7. hmm looks good