Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Optimistic Halo Fans Looking to Make a Fan Movie

A group of optimistic Halo fans are looking to raise half a million dollars to fund a fan movie detailing the creation of Noble Team. They intend to produce a movie/series titled Halo: Team Noble that will tie up the plot holes created by the introduction of Noble team in Halo:Reach.

Seeing as how they're hoping to raise about fifty times what you might usually expect for a fan-movie, I figured they could use all the publicity they can get.

If you feel like helping out some fellow Halo fans then pop on over to their Kickstarter page to donate.

As always with a Kickstarter there's a tiered pledging structure:

$15 gets you a DVD of the finished movie/series
$35 gets you a signed Blu-Ray
$250 gets you a poster signed by the cast and crew
$1000 gets you a personalised Halo helmet (you can choose your own design)
$5000 gets you a speaking part in the film including flights to the set
$10000 gets you a full suit of Spartan Armour and an Executive Producer credit.

There are some nice rewards there, but considering the mammoth budget they're seeking it's likely they won't get all the backing they need from this Kickstarter. That's not to say we shouldn't show them a bit of solidarity and pledge them a small amount though, eh?

$500k would require 33,000 people to pledge $15 to get the DVD. That's more than the total number who've pledged against the current Kickstarter flavour-of-the-month "Ouya", so they've definitely got their work cut out for them to hit their target.

If you're the generous sort, or maybe you've been desperate to know the origin story of Noble Team then head on over to their Kickstarter page and pledge!

And remember, as Director Alex May says in his fundraiser video, $500k sounds like a lot, but Transformers cost $200m.

[For reference, you could make Napoleon Dynamite, Paranormal Activity, Catfish & Blair Witch Project for $500k and still have change.]

- Cowboy Out.


  1. It's about time for a halo movie and I'm pleased to see plans for one, but that's a big profit expectation and it is a fan fiction after all.

    Hopefully these guys have connections to Bungie or 343 (preferably the latter) which could help boost the film canon correction and overall quality. Either way, we're FINALLY GETTIN A hAL0 M0vieez!!


  2. I like the idea of a halo movie, but a move dedicated to noble team? Not so much. If the story was about spartan twos, say blue team, for example, it'd spark more interest.

  3. i will still fund them like 250$ but i would rather have a movie on another halo subject,considering the fact that i never got attached to noble team as i did to other characters.the movie idea is great and totally behind it but something else would be nice.instead of noble team maybe the begining of the war when the first spartans were sent to fight and maybe a good amount of the movie focusing on john's squad.with that it would have great action and maybe good storyline.The noble squad idea is still just matters on the story line and action.mostly a good storyline that includes good action.

  4. If you're going to go through the trouble of fund raising for a Halo movie, why the hell would you make it about Noble Team? Nobody cares!

  5. Well, to be fair, Napoleon Dynamite, Paranormal Activity, Catfish & Blair Witch Project didn't require anywhere near the amount of CGI effects and sets that they will inevitably need to make this, which is probably why their budgets were tiny.. I would like to see it be successful, but $500,000 is quite the goal. I'll certainly pledge. And I think the reason behind why they chose Team Noble is to keep down licensing costs. With the amount of Halo books out there, it's hard to write a story around John that hasn't been told. Therefore, many copyrights would be infringed upon, leading to more licensing fees, whereas with this, the only licensing they need is character license. And personally, I think seeing the things Noble Team did before Halo: Reach would be cool. Especially live action. I wish them luck and would love to see this happen.