Saturday, 7 July 2012

RTX Halo 4 Panel

I'll do a rundown on what we know about Forge soon, but here's my transcript of the Q&A that followed:

Q. Forge, are we going to get weather or time of day settings. 

A. No, but there is real time lighting so you can simulate darkness.

There are multiple palletes and Forge Environments.

Q. Will you bring back the Humpday?

A. Yes, in some description. Humpday is a Bungie tradition, but we'll have our own version.

Q. How much of the book canon is going to make it into this game. 

A. Cetainly the Karen Traviss and Greg Bear novels will have a lot of resonance. A lot of that material will appear in the game.

Q. Can we drop weapons. Can we lower weapons. 

A. Yes. We'll fully support those features in multiplayer.

Q. So we have new loadouts and weapons. Will there be a classic playlist without those?

A. There will be a traditional and streamlined playlist selection when we launch, but that's something we're still working on.

Q. Forge, will there be an undo and redo command?

A. No. Forge being network capable, makes it very difficult to do undo. Magnets and repeat options gets away from the need for a lot of those problems.

Q. Will there be awards for playing previous Halo titles?

A. I don't know. People at the office will, but we're not sure.

Q. CoD and Halo fans hate each other, a lot of features that are very CoD-orientated.. did you think about how this might upset your fans? 

A. Yes of course, it's something we thing about, but things like grenade indicators just make it easier and more approachable for new players. Ultimately, the game does not play anything like CoD.

The loadout system is more like Gradius than anything in Call of Duty.

Q. In he book Ghost of Onyx, Halsey and Blue team is left in a micro-Dyson sphere, will any of those character be in Halo 4?

A. No, but those story arcs will be tied up in the future. Something we've been doing at 343industries is trying to tie up a lot of the "loose ends" either in the games or expanded universe.

Q. Multiplayer beta?


Q. Due to Cortana's rampancy, will she be more of a danger to herself or others? 

A. If she enters rampancy she'd be an danger, but that's something we'll be tackling in the game.

Q. Who do you have lined up for voice talent in Halo 4?

A. Of course there's Steve Downes and Jen Taylor, but there's a lot of new characters in Spartan Ops. [He doesn't name any actors.]

- Cowboy Out.

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