Friday, 27 July 2012

Awakening: The Art of Halo 4 Cover Revealed

The cover of the upcoming Halo 4 artbook “Awakening: The Art of Halo 4” has been revealed for the first time.

 The hardbound book features 192 pages of Halo 4 artwork and launches alongside the game on November 6th. You can preorder on Amazon now for £26.99 in the UK and $28.17 in the US.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. Just the concept art for Halo 4 is jaw-dropping beauty. It captures the expanse, glory, and wonder of the true spirit of Halo.

    Yet meanwhile, Call of Duty's concept art is? Explosions and tanks and machine guns and big cities and shot down helicopters and blah blah blah. CoD has ridiculously over-done and unrealistic Michael Bay style action and explosions. Zero plot and nothing new to the table. Take any frame from any second of any CoD campaign and throw some chick in a bikini in it with a bald eagle and Camaro SS and you have the stupid immature action-crap that is the only thing keeping Call of Duty afloat.

    But Halo? Just this book cover is all you need to set your heart aflutter. Quiet and hauntingly beautiful landscapes with rolling cathedrals of cloud cover, towering, elegant architecture, and the hero, Master Chief, taking it all in as he too gazes in awe. That my friends is Halo. Halo doesn't need the explosions and machine guns, Halo has all it needs. The quiet, simple and elegant beauty that speaks great measures of the maturity and love poured into it. This, is why we Believe.


  2. 100 days left! I WITNESSED THE DIGITS REDUCE.

  3. Hey, i just kinda stumbled upon these ... it's pretty interesting. the HuD is the old stuff, like from the gameinformer pics, so it could be from the beta. the shotgun is the placeholder model aswell..