Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Halo 4 Armour Specialisations Breakdown - New Info!

Halo Waypoint has been updated to detail Armour Specialisations that will shape our Halo 4 multiplayer (and Spartan Ops) careers.

Upon reaching Level 50 (through an experienced based ranking system) players will be able to select one of  8 specialisation paths, each offering 10 unlocks. The first 9 of those unlocks will give you (in no particular order):

• Armor Set – Helmet, Chest, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder
• Armor Set Skin – Texture skin for Helmet, Chest, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder
• Armor Mod
• Weapon Skin – Texture skin of one of the loadout weapons
• 4 Foreground Emblems
• 1 Background Emblem
• 1 Visor Color

The tenth and final unlock will be a performance altering armour modification. Upon completion of one Specialisation path players will then be able to begin a new Specialisation, eventually unlocking the whole set.

Players who buy the Limited Edition version of Halo 4 will get access to the full suite of Specialisations upon reaching Level 50. People playing the regular edition of the game will initially have access to Wetworks and Pioneer. Eventually the others will be unlocked and everyone will have access to all of the Specialisation paths.  You can pre-order the Limited Edition now for £61 on Amazon UKor $99 on Amazon US.

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343industries have just released this image showing some of the weapons skins we will be able to unlock whilst we progress through our Specialisations:

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- Wetwork Armour Mod - Quieter sprint, appear as an outline to players using Promethean Vision and perform quicker assassinations. 


- Fast Track Armour Mod - Earn more XP (Spartan Points?) when you have this equipped. 


- Drop Recon Armour Mod - See ordnance drops a couple of seconds before anyone else, also get a longer range on the arrows which direct you to ordnance.


- Requisition Armour Mod - If you're not happy with the three things you're offered in your ordnance drop you can "re-roll" and get three other choices that may better suit your needs. 


- Stability Armour Mod - We've heard about this one already, it allows you to stay zoomed in even when taking fire from enemies. David Ellis has confirmed on NeoGaf that IGN made a mistake when they said it improves your general accuracy, it does not. 


- Nemesis Armour Mod - Places a marker on the HUD showing the location of the last person who killed you, also puts markers for people who are currently shooting you (before they've killed you). I think Battlefield 3 has something like this?


- Gunner Armour Mod - Speeds up the cool-down on mounted weapons as well as allowing you to move faster whilst carrying a turret. 


- Wheelman Armour Mod - Speeds up vehicle health recovery and gives a slight immunity to EMP blasts. 

As usual Halo 4 Designer David Ellis (Lybertyboy) was on hand over on NeoGaf to clarify some of the errors and misinformation in the IGN article.

Regarding the return of Mjolnir Mk V armour: 

with all these new-school Spartan IVs, what about the classic MJOLNIR Mark V look from Halo 1? Does that svelte and simple suit of armor have a place in Halo 4’s sophisticated, story-grounded War Games universe? “I will say that if you’re a fan of nostalgia, we’ve definitely included some options that will scratch that particular itch,” Ellis concludes. And as for other Recon-like armor-related surprises? ““We definitely have some secret [armors) up our sleeves.”
- Cowboy Out.


  1. This is honestly disapointing news. I feel like their trying to be too much like Call Of Duty. Kids who sit at home and earn XP all day should not get an advantage on us who work 60 hours a week to afford Halo products.

    I'll be aiming for Rogue though. Seems to be the thing I'll need most to improve my game.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this, IGN made it a little confusing. These sound like they will add a lot more depth, one of my favorite of the new multiplayer features!

  3. Yeah, like RobsLegacy, I have some worries about this.. Yes these may add more depth to the gameplay of the multiplayer(and presumably Spartan Ops), all of these "minor" things/mods just add more variable to the actual gameplay and therefore make it more like CoD. It's still far away from CoD in terms of gameplay and such though -which I'm very glad of. But adding more variables to the gameplay causes more "wtf just happened" and "how did I die?!" moments because of not as much standardization and more sped up gameplay. Frankie's OHI post made me pretty happy, but this news causes me to be somewhat concerned again.. I still have faith though.

  4. I don't see how any of it really changes. A guy has a turret, get back. A guy sprints quieter, turn your music off, and put the sound on(or get one of the Halo 4 headsets or other brand headsets). A guy has an arrow. Make let your team shoot at him, and throw it off. A guy has operator, keep applying damage to the vehicle to prevent it from happening.

    There's the description. Find a way to destroy it instead of panicking. They're are Tactical and Support Packages, and there are plenty of others that you can use that can be better than any of them. They were not "I-WIN" perks before. They're not "I-WIN" perks now.

    1. Exactly. You should watch this video to understand the purpose of the armour specialisations. ;)

  5. I guess I can't count but I only see 8 specializations....

    1. No, you're right. Forgive my derpiness.

  6. I will play anyway, but all of the new armor I've seen looks ugly. Is there an armor specialization to make you not look hideous? They can call it the looker.

  7. This looks fucking beast and the armor looks so damn sexy!! I can't wait for this game, this is amazing news!

  8. Im disappointed in the armor. It honestly doesnt look like halo. It looks like gundum or something. It looks like some helmets dont even have visors any more, just a robot.