Friday, 17 August 2012

New Images of the Halo 4 Limited Edition Content

New images of the Halo 4 Limited Edition content has been released courtesy of the FutureShop Forums.

The armour is a little too low res to really make a call on, but that Avatar Cryo Pod is ace!
The Halo 4 Limited Edition is now available to pre-order on Amazon UK for the bargain price of £61. [$99 in the US]

The content that accompanies the Limited Edition Console has also been revealed and is a little more.. spicy.

 As ridiculous as this looks I have to admit that I like it. Delightful absurdity.

The console is also Available to pre-order on Amazon UK for £269[or $399 in the US]

And rounding out the info drop is this image of the Avatar Shirt that comes with the UNSC controller. Pretty dull by comparison.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. Argh I want the FOTUS armour...cept I don't have the money for the limited console :(

  2. can you get a better shot of the recruit armor and prime weapon skin

  3. "FOTUS" is a clear reference of an Anniversary easter egg. In the first level as soon as Keyes gives you the infamous unloaded pisol there's a pinboard before leaving the control room (modern game engine if I'm not mistaken) there are several papers and one of those adverts about an upcoming concert of a band called Fist Of The Unicorn. Just a curiosity that adds itself to the whole "Unicorn" absurdity. I wouldn't be surprised if there will be some sort of rainbow visor color...