Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Customisation - Stances, Visor Colours and Emblems

NakedEli has uploaded another video from PAX, this one is a game of Regicide on Haven. Before the match begins Eli spends some time going through the customisation menus giving us our first look at Spartan Stances and visor colour options (there are a lot).

The first two minutes of the video give us a run through customisation and are well worth a look:

The match is interesting and gives us a good look at Regicide from the perspective of an able player, Eli spends quite a while as King and is constantly hassled by other players. Regicide seems to be a pretty interesting mode with more subtlety than I'd originally realised. At one point Eli gets a medal called "Kingtacular" (for spending 30 seconds as King), which gives him an overshield. I wonder if there will be any other power ups awarded for achieving specific medals in other modes.

- Cowboy Out.


  1. This looks like a good game mode nice addition to free for all games.

  2. At HaloOrbit.de put together some overview pics of the amory, so maybe u want to take a look :)


  3. I mean this is really cool that there are all these options, but are they all gonna be unlocked as soon as we start up the game? Or do we have to earn them? Does anyone know?

  4. @Anonymous: You must unlock sets by spending spartan points u gain every levelup or by choosing a Specialization (after u reach rank 50 u can choose one of several specs in which u gain 10 extra levels)