Monday, 17 September 2012

Every Halo 4 Helmet Revealed has posted this image showing every helmet in Halo 4:

Taken from a combination of sources (PAX, gameplay footage, promo shots and promo DLC pages) he's managed to compile a complete list of the Halo 4 helmets. Being a traditionalist I've always rocked the Mk V so will need to pick something new. Mk VI it is then! 

- Cowboy Out. 


  1. from those helmets i see myself only using
    orbital, wetwork, rogue, recruit, VENATOR, vanguard

  2. Must have..ODST..helmet..!
    I take it the Recruit is meant to replace it.

    Many Helmets look silly imo. Oceanic, Wetwork, Warrior, Fotus, Pathfinder. Orbital looks like a Grunt with the nozzle.

  3. Please use the newest picture and not that old one, that someone copied als 9gag - The newest one includes all armors that are ingame, including ingame Pics and not Concept Arts!

    You have to scroll a bit down to the helmets ;)

    samurai from

    1. Sorry, I was given a bad tip. I've updated the article with correct image and accreditation.