Saturday, 1 September 2012

Halo 4 Loadouts Detailed - Weapons, Armour Abilities, Upgrades!

Thanks to this video from Nak3dEli we now know all of the Weapons, Grenades, Armour Abilities, Tactical Packages and Support Upgrades that will make up our Loadouts in Halo 4. Many of these abilities and upgrades will not be available at the start of the game and will need to be unlocked using Spartan Points, nevertheless, here is the complete list:

Primary Weapons

  • Battle Rifle
Utilizes precise three-round burst functionality, making it a formidable mid-range, semi-automatic weapon.
  • Assault Rifle
Standard fully automatic firearm of all UNSC branches, effective at both close-range and mid-range combat.
  • Designated Marksman Rifle
Premiere marksman rifle of the UNSC, offering Impressive single-fire accuracy at reasonably long distances.
  • Storm Rifle
Fully automatic energy weapon widely consider the successor to the traditional Plasma Rifle.
  • Covenant Carbine
Notable semi-automatic mid-range accuracy, firing ballistic rounds unlike most other Covenant weapons.
  • Suppressor
Fully automatic Forerunner infantry weapon, firing bolts of hard light in rapidly accelerating succession.
  • Lightrifle
Precision weapon that fires beams of hard light for mid-range to long-range combat.

Secondary Weapons 

  • Magnum
UNSC's personal sidearm of choice due to its excellence at close-range to mid-range engagements.
  • Plasma Pistol
Semi-automatic energy weapon capable of a scaled-burst effect which disables electronics.
  • Boltshot
Forerunner particle dilator used for both its precision at mid-range and its burst functionality when up close.


  • Pulse Grenade
The Pulse Grenade forcefully detonates and forms a hazardous Ionization sphere which eventually collapses, destroying nearby targets.
  • Plasma Grenade
  • Frag Grenade

Armour Abilities 

  • Thruster Pack
Enables a powerful burst of movement allowing the ability to evade or quickly close the gap.
  • Promethean Vision
Allows users to predict enemy signatures through walls and other hard surfaces.
  • Hologram
Allows users to generate an almost identical holographic decoy to to deceive enemies  during combat.
  • Jet Pack
Allows users limited flight through a vertical lift propulsion system similar to that of EVA re-entry packs.
  • Hard Light Shield
Allows users to a protective barrier of hard light which stops most small arms fire and some explosives.
  • Active Camouflage
Allows users to generate a visual effect astonishingly close to invisibility.
  • Auto-Sentry
An automatic turret which can be deployed to defend its user or command a key battlefield choke-point.
  • Regeneration Field
Allows the user to release a short-range energy field that heals any nearby spartans.

Tactical Packages 

  • Mobility
Allows unlimited sprint.
  • Shielding
Speeds up your armors recharge rate.
  • Resupply
Allows the recovery of grenades from fallen allies or foes.
  • AA Efficiency
Increases the rate at which energy recharges for armor abilities
  • Grenadier
Increases grenade carrying capacity.
  • Firepower
Allows the use of a primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot.
  • Fast-track
Allows the user to advance quicker in rank.
  • Requisition
In modes with personal ordnance, requisition lets the player request new choices when an ordnance is granted.
  • Wheelman
Increases the long term durability of your vehicle as well as how it reacts to EMP charges.

Support Upgrades 

  • Stability
Steadies your weapon while being struck by incoming fire.
  • Ammo
Increases ammunition capacity for both starting weapons and ordnance drops.
  • Dexterity
Speeds up reload and weapon swapping.
  • Sensor
Increases motion sensor range.
  • Awareness
Allows the use of motion sensors while using a scope.
  • Explosives
Alters grenade performance, increasing blast radius and decreasing grenade damage received.
  • Ordnance Priority
In modes with personal ordnance, offers more frequent ordnance drops to the user.
  • Gunner
Increases how long a mounted weapon can fire before overheating as well as movement speed with detached turrets.
  • Nemesis
Gives you an icon on your HUD showing the last person that killed you.

  • Stealth
Allows Spartans to Sprint quietly. They also appear as an outline to players using Promethean Vision and perform quicker assassinations. 

  • Drop Recon
Lets you know that Infinity Ordnance is coming and what the Infinity Ordnance is. You see the waypoint and type of weapon that is coming down prior to the weapon entering the game

What will you choose?

- Cowboy Out.


  1. You forgot the carbine. and i don't think this is the complete list since the wetworks stealth mod is missing..

    1. Ah yes! There was actually a blank slot in the PAX demo menus, that must have been Wetworks. Added.

    2. You are also missing the Nemesis and Drop Recon armor mods.

      Also, the mod you get in the Wetworks specialization isn't called Wetworks, it's called stealth.

  2. I am super excited for Halo 4 now. I just hope it has more of a Halo 3 feel than Reach.

    1. Having played it a RTX, I can definitely say it felt more like Halo 3 than Reach, but it also has it's own awesome feel.

    2. Looking for an honest answer here. All hype aside, how true to the Halo feel is this game? I next to hated Reach, and all of these additions just scream CoD competition to me. Most of them are taken straight from CoD perks even.

      The game is looking fun, but alot of these perks have me worried. Also, these Promethean weapons. They seem to be ALOT more powerful in the hands of someone who knows how to use them.

  3. Huh. i noticed the suppressors description said "Rapidly accelerating succession."

    Like the hog's chaingun? or sumthin? interesting..

  4. saw? operator mod?

    1. Operator is a specialisation not a mod. It gets you the Wheelman modification.

      I don't think there's been anything to suggest the Saw will be a loadout weapon?

    2. From what I understand, it's supposed to either be a power weapon, or at least something more powerful than a loadout weapon.

  5. Jesus Christ, I can point out a million things within the Tactical Packages and Support Upgrades that are directly ripped from Call of Duty. Way to fucking go, 343.

    1. I'm sorry, but 343 specifically said that they were taking aspects from several successful FPS games and adding them in new, interesting ways with Halo 4. They did it on purpose to add a new feel of gameplay to Halo and possibly bring in more gamers from other games.

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