Saturday, 1 September 2012

Halo 4 PAX Roundup - CTF on Exile

You've probably seen this already, but this short video of Halo 4 CTF gameplay was released last night:


The new map is called Exile and is playable on the showfloor at PAX in 5v5 2-flag CTF.

343industries have tweaked the CTF gameplay and ruleset slightly compared to previous games, Franchise Development Director Frank O'Connor says this is to speed up the play.

The key changes are:
  • The Flag will now be automatically picked up as soon as you touch it. 
  • You can no longer drop the flag (unless you die, obviously)
  • When you pick up the flag you will draw your pistol and can shoot whilst carrying the flag.
  • Carriers now have waypoints over their heads either "KILL" or "ESCORT" depending on which team you're looking at. 
These are pretty big changes, not being able to drop the flag means that there is now a commitment involved in picking it up as you're either going to score or die carrying it. The ability to shoot the pistol goes some way to counteract this, but given what we've seen of the Halo 4 pistol even the most clumsy of players is probably going to get the better of you in a 1v1 gunfight. 

These changes should really help encourage teamwork, a flag carrier is going to be very weak on his own, but with just one escort should be much more formidable as you'll now be able to team shoot. I've seen a few people online expressing discontent at these changes, but watching gameplay videos it certainly doesn't look any worse than Reach.

This video from Nak3dEli is the best I've found, it's a full 20 minute CTF game and he really tries to show us as much new stuff as possible including UI screens for  Loadouts, Challenges, post-game carnage report and medals. He does talk a lot, but I find his enthusiasm to be quite contagious.

In the video we see a lot of things for the first time as well as confirmation of some returning items:

00:10 & 11:40 - Loadout options screen, he goes into some depth at the start of the video, well worth a watch. 
02:35 - Regen Field - Seriously, if you only watch one part of the video make it this bit. Looks crazy.
02:35 - Suppressor
03:30 - Pulse Grenades - We never see Eli step inside the field, unfortunately.
08:18 - Flag now has a return timer (as opposed to progress bar)
08:50- Flag carriers still move slower than other players, but faster than they did in Reach.
10:20 - Banshee (seems pretty powerful, but doesn't handle the same as the Reach Banshee. Still has fuel rod cannon)
12:10 - Autoturret
13:03 - Active camo and Carbine
13:20 - Beam Rifle! Eli makes it look easy picking up an immediate triple kill. :D
14:30 - Warthog driving
17:10 - Mongoose driving (looks just like Reach)
18:30 - PGCR, XP, rank and medals [New medals include Vehicle destroyed, Beam Rifle Kill, Grenade Kill, Comeback Kill (get a kill after dying three times in a row), Flag Assist, Flag Defense, Flag Driver, Protector]

It looks absolutely fantatsic, it's visually stunning, the lighting and colour use is classic Halo and there's so much more variety to the combat than I ever saw in Reach. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

- Cowboy Out.

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  1. Thanks for the post Cowboy! I've been looking for some good footage from PAX. Keep up the good work!