Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Halo 4 Pre-Order DLC - Your Complete Guide (UK)

There is much confusion over which pre-order DLC is available from which retailers and where you can get the best price. Here I will give you a full run-down of where you need to pre-order to get the content you want.


Pre-ordering gets you the Gold Web Armour Skin, Bulletproof Emblem and Spartan Emblem.


Pre-ordering from GAME gets you the Blue Circuit Armour Skin, Arctic Weapon Skin and 6 specialisations for use in Halo 4 “Infinity” Multiplayer experience.


Pre-ordering from HMV gets you the Locus Helmet, Purple Spartan Warrior Armour and Xbox LIVE Unicom Avatar Armour (if ordered in-store)
*Unicorn armour mentioned in Microsoft press release, no sign of it anywhere online. 


Pre-ordering from Tesco gets you the Halo 4 T-shirt (limited stock, in-store only) and Downloadable Black Raptor Armour Skin.


Blockbuster are selling the Limited Edition for £64.99 and the normal edition for £39.85
Pre-ordering from Blockbuster gets you a Downloadable Xbox LIVE Spartan Warrior Avatar Armour. 


Pre-ordring from Play gets you the Deadeye Helmet. 


Pre-ordering from ShopTo gets you the Assassin Emblem.

Grainger Games

Grainger are selling the Limited Edition for £64.99 and the normal edition for £36.99.
Pre-ordering at Grainger gets you the Red Pulse Armour Skin. 

All things considered, I think Amazon are offering the best combination of price and content, but I guess a lot of that comes down to personal preference. I guess someone might really want that emblem ShopTo are hawking. 

- Cowboy Out. 


  1. Love it! Any chance of a complete NA list?

  2. Tesco sounds pretty good, and the black raptor skin looks keewwwlll

  3. Thanks for this little guide; was exactly what I was looking for.